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My name is Rose and I am your eco-friendly travel guide to the rest of the world! I was born and raised in San Francisco, California where I was brought up with the mentality that we are all responsible for what happens to our planet. My mission is to promote ethically and environmentally conscious travel by writing about people, places, and organizations that are making a positive change in our world. Ethical travelers must consider the impact of their vacations before, during, and after every trip. Today, I am living in Madrid, Spain and spend my days traveling. I invite you on my journey around the world to save the world.

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Cabo Santa Maria Shipwreck

All the places you'll go...

It's not just about visiting every country in the world, but about learning to open your heart to adventure and love across all corners of the planet. It's about leaving a positive impact on the people and places you discover on your journey. It's about creating a global culture of understanding and acceptance where all beings are free to explore this planet. 

          Rose Cornwell, Eco-Wanderlust Founder

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